we are very fortunate to work and collaborate with cutting-edge health technology businesses

across the USA, Europe and UK.

from biomaterials to implantable and wearable devices, to instrumentation and micro-invasive pain management devices.  we've helped our partners to realise their commercial objectives and develop

their businesses in a number of ways.

here are some of our current and past partnerships:

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David G. Brooks, CEO - Ablatus Therapeutics Ltd

"We have been delighted to work with e³ consultancy as we continue to develop a commercial strategy for our thermal ablation technology platform.  They have an excellent understanding of the international medical device market and have helped us understand how best to position our products for success. Their knowledge of the real-world commercial and logistical pressures facing healthcare payers and providers in the face of demographic changes and the growing international cancer burden has proven invaluable to us.

I would recommend e³ consultancy to any business looking for additional insight and support for their commercial planning and execution.”

Peter Seddon, CEO - Morgan Steer Orthopaedics Ltd.

‘’e³  consultancy recently completed a strategically important technical training project for Morgan Steer, on time and to budget, in the USA. 

The success of the event has been clearly demonstrated in terms of increased product sales in this territory."

Scott Cadotte, VP Sales & Marketing - Biologica Technologies LLC.

"e³ helped us to analyze and navigate the UK plastics and aesthetics market as we explored international expansion from the US. They also developed and implemented a marketing initiative into the plastics and aesthetics market across the US. They delivered exactly what they said they would and I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again."

 Faii Ong, Founder - GyroGear Ltd.

"e³ has been instrumental to the early success of GyroGear. We have had the good fortune of working with e³ to develop and implement our commercial strategy. e³ has been focused, timely and insightful. They are exceedingly responsive, tactful and adaptable to the various needs of a hard-charging, but early-stage, startup. Our go-to-market pathway makes or breaks the company. We can only wholeheartedly say that it is a massive help to have constant assistance with the international market experience and calibre of e³ every step of the way. e³ has not only been able to integrate very rapidly with our focused, high impact company culture, but to guide us in sensibly evaluating international commercialisation options for the GyroGlove and future innovations. Having a team member with such integrity is indeed vital for a young company. Thank you for being a part of this journey."

Jun Okada, President  - 3-D Matrix Medical Inc.

"e³ has  a wide ranging network of excellent surgeons to work with. Thanks to the credibility e³  has with these surgeons, we gained honest and constructive clinical feedback and ideas of how we could work together.

With these ideas and help from our key opinion leaders, e³ gave us a realistic and actionable plan of how to enter a brand new market."