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bespoke solutions


because our sales and marketing expertise has been gained in healthcare technology markets across the USA, Europe and UK, we understand the commercial challenges facing modern healthcare technology companies and the implications of dealing across multiple geographies. 


our flexible consultancy services can help you deliver against your business objectives - whether they be domestic or international.




with broad and extensive experience across several healthcare sectors and specialities, we are uniquely placed to offer insight into multiple markets and the solutions necessary to achieve commercial growth.


from biomaterials, consumables and implantable devices to wearable technology, device instrumentation and diagnostics, our breadth of experience allows us to quickly grasp the challenges facing your business and  collaborate with you to deliver the solutions you need.


assisting where and when needed, our ability to integrate and quickly understand your business and objectives allows us to offer a lean resource to your organisation and give you the appropriate assistance for a given task.  with significant experience in medical device business management and team leadership, e³ can help you deliver against your short/medium term goals and objectives without delay.


an empathic approach enables us to offer help to individuals and teams alike, helping you avoid the issues that result when business demands outstrip people resource within your organisation.   our goal is to work seamlessly with your business and help ensure you hit your performance targets and deadlines. 

strategic insight

e³ is well equipped to appraise your plans and market opportunities  logically and with a fresh perspective.  the growing need for evidence based medicine amidst onerous disease burdens, changing demographics, tighter regulations, increased competition and economic pressures  means that aligning your engineering, regulatory, clinical and commercial teams  to understand and address these shared challenges is essential.

whether the technology is  still in development or post-market, we can analyse your market strategy objectively to ensure that the ever-changing needs of healthcare providers, payers, and patients are fully understood and considered.  helping to ensure you remain commercially viable and successful amidst competitive threats.

tactical execution

from clinico-scientific discussions with physicians to financial presentations and negotiations with procurement and supply chain, multiple-stakeholder decision making is the norm in modern medical device markets across the globe and e³ has the experience and expertise to effectively support your commercial efforts.  whether representing your business  and products directly for a specific project or by assisting your recruitment, selection, training and development of commercial personnel and distribution partners; we can help ensure your products and services are consistently represented  and sold to the highest standards. 

as an experienced and trusted resource, e³ can help you in numerous ways to execute and deliver against your plan, putting you in the best possible position for success.  

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